Aboa Global Ltd is a Finnish importing and wholesales company established in 2019. Our goal is to bring together sustainably manufactured consumer products and resellers. We believe that this is the prerequisite for the success of a sustainable importing business. We have decades of experience in B2B sales, import, category management and retail. We wanted to make use of our professional expertise and provide retailers and wholesalers with a new era of luxury: high quality, ecological, sustainable and ethical alternatives. This led to the creation of a new international player, Aboa Global Ltd.

Our company values are more than just a slogan. They determine our purpose, what we do and how we act:


We want to provide high quality products. Our criteria for quality include durability, reliability, function, elegance and recyclability. Producing high quality and long-lasting products will limit ecological impacts on the planet.

We serve our customers and other stakeholders with high quality and professionalism. A need exists in the marketplace for a customer-first oriented company. We are a reliable partner.


There are always people behind every business. We work in partnership with people and respect everyone. Honesty is the foundation of any relationship, particularly in business.

Humans are the centerpiece when we are talking about the impacts on the environment. Our values guide our actions. We want to create better and more meaningful everyday life for people.


Sustainable development is a very broad concept that encompasses a number of diverse areas. For us, it is a way of working that combines both social and ecological perspectives with our business. We have a unique opportunity to influence what kind of Earth the future generations will inherit.

The brands and suppliers we represent are committed to sustainable and high-quality business throughout the life cycle of the product. A sustainable and stable economy is a prerequisite for maintaining both our company’s and society’s key functions. We also want our activities to reflect on the challenges of social sustainability.


Anne Aatola